Getting that Truly Fabulous and Stylish Hairstyle

Getting that Truly Fabulous and Stylish Hairstyle

In today’s fashion industry, nothing can look more glamorous than a set of well styled locks. From the covers and centrefolds of premiere magazines all over the world to the television and movie films that captivate the imagination of throngs of followers, celebrities – models and artists – pay very close attention to their hairstyle. Just like the personas they portray, a distinct hairstyle is something that speaks loudly of their unique individualism. While average individuals may not have the money or the connections to get the services of red carpet Hollywood and Paris, Milan, and New York runway hairstyling artists, there are numerous salons and hairdressers in every major city of the world that can give you the best and truly fabulous hairstyle that you need.

Many of the key cities in Australia are dotted with hair salons that offer a variety of truly unique hairstyling techniques that can rival even the best hairstylists in Hollywood. For example, trying out Melbourne’s best hairdressers – Rakis on Collins, will give you an idea of just how superbly talented and gifted these hairdressers are in turning your hair into a masterpiece of a personal identity statement. They do not do this wantonly, however. They have dedicated a good portion of their lives just to understand how hairstyling can be affected by the shape of your face and the colour and texture of your complexion as well as your unique personal characteristics. These three elements need to be fully understood by any successful hairstylist in order to bring out the best in you. After all, you want to have a hairstyle that really speaks volume of who you really are as a person.

Choosing the Best Hairstyle

There are so many hairstyles that you can choose from. And it all depends on the shape of your face as well as the colour of your skin tone. In some cases, even the texture of the complexion is considered. If you want to check which style will be good for you, you can visit any online hairstyling tool to give you an overview of the various hairstyles the modern world has to offer.

However, while online tools can give you an overview of what style of hair will look best on you sometimes a visit to one of the professional hairdressers might just be all that you will ever need. Nonetheless, to help you get started in deciding what hairstyle will look fabulous on you, here are some tips that you would like to observe in order to have the best style for your hair.

Your Hairstyle Should Complement the Shape of your Face

One excellent rule to consider is to make sure that the hairstyle you are going to use will be opposite to the generally outline of your face. For instance, if your face has more sharp angles then you need to soften it with wavy patterns or styles. You need to understand that there are seven general shapes of faces: round, square, oval, heart, triangle, diamond, and long. Generally, the oval face has the most flexible shape in that almost any style or cut of hair can make you stand out.

The one thing that you have to remember is that the cut and style of your hair should soften the edges of your facial features or create lines on those that are rounded. To put it simply, if the face has more rounded features, go straight. If the face has more straight lines, go round or wavy.

Your Hairstyle Should Match your Hair Texture

Check the texture of your hair whether it is wavy, curly, limp, frizzy, silky thin, or bouncy coarse. If you have thin hair, go for hairstyles that focus on adding volume to your hair. For thick hair, try to redistribute the volume in such a way that you will not be looking like a walking Christmas tree. And if your locks are of moderate thickness, then the style you require is greatly dependent on your imagination.

Your Hairstyle Should Highlight your Best Asset

The best hairstyle should do one thing – highlight your best and most striking asset or facial features. Your hairstyle should draw attention to those parts that you consider attractive and also hide those imperfections that you do not want others to see.

An excellent hairstyle should help you feel confident about yourself. That is why it is always a lot better to seek professional help to guide you on what you think can best bring out the look that you want and the personality you want to project.

3 Awesome Ways Playing Drums Helps in Relieving Stress

3 Awesome Ways Playing Drums Helps in Relieving Stress

Playing DrumsWe acquire stress almost every day from various sources such as the many responsibilities at home, demanding tasks at work, the city traffic, the environment filled with too much pollutants, uninspiring news about crimes, and others. And more often than not, there is no escape to stress because the demands of today’s lifestyle is seemingly fast-paced and highly competitive. It goes without saying that we cannot live without it however, we can cope with it in many different ways. One of which is engaging into music.

When we let stress to just pass over time, we’re not actually doing the right thing. We just let our body suffer from the torture of unwanted stress. If we don’t address it properly, it can hugely affect our behavior and overall health.

To combat stress, there is nothing more effective than engaging in physical activities. Surely, no one will argue about its effectiveness and benefits. One great example is playing the drums on your own, with other people, or as background music to other activities like aerobic exercise. But playing the drums in particular has numerous health benefits that you can’t get from conventional medication. In Australia, there are exclusive drum lessons in Melbourne VIC that can teach you to learn more about drumming, which can result to reaping of more benefits. Below are three ways by which plying drums helps in reducing stress.  

Drumming Boosts the Immune System to Reduce Stress 

According to Dr. Ann Webster, the immune system is significantly affected when it suffers from stress. When the body is stressed, it’s not able to function properly and perform its normal functions. The body gains an increase in stress hormones level, which makes it unable to produce killer cells that combat unhealthy elements inside the body. When this happens, the body is made vulnerable to the progression of different diseases. Thus, it is vital that the body is returned back to its balance state. It is crucial to really reduce and fight stress.

When playing drums, the body lowers its levels of stress hormones and blood pressure. Drumming, being a physical and fun activity, effectively reduces stress. This works like the process of venting out or throwing your stresses away through hitting of the drums. All the bad energies are released and what’s left are relaxed muscle tissues, clear thinking, and balanced state of the body.

When the body is relieved of stress, the immune system gets a boost as well. According to Dr. Barry Bittman, a cancer expert, engaging in group drumming sessions greatly helps in increasing the production of cancer killing cells. This makes the body more powerful in fighting cancer and numerous types of virus.  

Drumming Helps in Connecting With Other People 

One effect of stress is the unhealthy way we communicate with the people around us. We tend to relay our stress to others through shouting at them or any other inappropriate behavior. Drumming, particularly group drumming, doesn’t just relieves us of stress but it also teaches us to cooperate and communicate with others in a friendly, fun and coordinated manner. During group drumming sessions, everyone is following the same beat and rhythm, which makes connecting with others very successful. 

Drumming Helps in the Release of Emotional Trauma and Negative Feelings 

When the body is exposed to stress every day and you’re not doing anything to combat it, it could lead to the accumulation of negative feelings that could result to emotional trauma. This is why it is important that you are always conscious of the fact that your body gets stressed every day. However, when it has already been stressed for a long time, drumming can greatly help in releasing them particularly the negative feelings and emotional trauma that developed with it.

Due to the prevalence of disorders related to stress and emotional trauma such as Post Traumatic Disorder, the drum therapy was developed and is now being used to address and treat these disorders. When playing the drums, the body undergoes the process of physical stimulation, which effectively removes blockages and, consequently, releases the negative emotional feelings and trauma. According to Ed Mikenas, a music educator, drumming is an activity that puts emphasis on self-expression and teachers the drummer to rebuild his or her emotional health. When there is self-expression, plus the integration of different emotions, other issues such as violence is also successfully addressed.

With these benefits of playing the drums, we can effectively beat stress and live a more productive and happy life every day.