Etiquette for Pilates Classes: Fitness with the Proper Attitude

Etiquette for Pilates Classes: Fitness with the Proper Attitude

It is easy to spot a new Pilates student in a class. Not only because they have this skeptical look on their faces but also with how they act. However, not all new students fail to follow the Pilates class etiquette. Besides, there are still a few members who have been in class for a long time but still fail to comply with the dos and don’ts in a Pilates session.

I have been into a lot of Pilates classes and I’ve encountered a lot of people still breaking a few rules. To avoid making the same mistakes, I’ve listed a few things you should and shouldn’t do during a Pilates session.


Be on Time

Showing up on time is a sign of respect not only for the instructor but also for the other students. Being late can affect the flow of the class and the body will miss out on the full benefit of the session.

Warm Up Before the Class

Another reason why it is important to be on time is to prepare the body before the session. Doing warm-up exercises before the beginning of class will awaken your muscles and make it easier to do the exercises. There are Pilates warm-up exercises that can be performed before the class.

Inform Your Instructor of Any Injuries or Changes in the Body

Before a class starts, the instructor will check with the students to ask if they are feeling okay or had encountered some minor injuries. Don’t wait to be asked, inform the instructor right away of any minor or serious issues like pregnancy, surgery, or back pain. 

Ask Appropriate Questions

It is okay to ask questions. I like it when people ask questions because I also learn from other students. However, there is always a right time to ask a question. Sometimes it is best to ask before the session starts or wait until the class is finished.

Find Out How and Where to Leave Pilates Equipment

Many students forget to put back the equipment they’ve used after a session. I had this experience where someone failed to wipe clean the Pilates Reformer in Fitzroy North Studio after using it. I can still see the sweat she left behind. Most studios provide towels and spray for the equipment. They prefer students do it so equipment will be ready for the next class.


Don’t Be a No-Show

I know plans can change sometimes and we have no choice but to cancel an appointment. But don’t be a no-show, or at least try to contact the studio or instructor to inform them that you can’t make it. This will allow the studio to find a replacement for the spot and will assure them that you are okay.

Don’t Intrude on an Ongoing Class

Again, be respectful and don’t disturb an ongoing class. It is a big no to do warm-up exercises when there’s a session in progress. Do warmup exercises when the class before yours had ended. There are still a lot of things to do while waiting for the class without intruding.

Avoid Chatting When the Class Has Started

It is best to hold off any conversation after the class. Don’t chat while on a session as it can distract other people and they won’t be able to concentrate on the exercise. It is also disrespectful to chat during class when the instructor is focused on teaching the students.

Never Perform An Exercise That Can Hurt Your Body

An instructor is not always aware of the student’s capability and condition. This is why it is important to inform them before the class starts of any injuries or pain in the body. If you can’t do a specific exercise or routine that may hurt, ask politely for a modification. 

Don’t Wear Strong Scents

Most studios request their students to avoid wearing strongly scented products like perfume, lotions, and deodorants. Some people are allergic to certain scents.

There you have it. Those are the dos and don’ts that should be observed during Pilates classes. They are fairly simple and easy to understand, so it wouldn’t be that hard to follow. By sticking to them and applying the Pilates etiquette, everyone will have a fruitful and rewarding session.