Why Every First-timer’s Visit to a Skin Clinic Starts with a Consultation

Why Every First-timer’s Visit to a Skin Clinic Starts with a Consultation

Have you always wanted to try skin clinic treatments but were so scared of the invasive procedures? You’re not alone.

If not for a Werribee skin clinic I wouldn’t have tried to enter a skin clinic. I was so scared until I booked myself a consultation.

Every Treatment Starts with a Consultation

Even if you’re new to professional skin treatments, you would have heard of consultations as the first step in your skincare journey. Why? Here are some reasons it’s essential.

1. You’ll know your actual skin type.

Ever wondered what your real skin type is? Is it combination skin or just oily all around? I’ve often wondered about this and I even took quizzes online just to know my skin type. Unfortunately, nothing matches actually getting checked by a skincare expert.

A skincare expert will help identify what your skin type is and it may change. The thing about our faces is that there are seasons when it becomes oily or dry.

Our faces are also highly affected by the season. By getting a consultation, you’ll know your exact skin type which will be the basis for your skincare products and treatments.

2. Your skin problems are identified.

Just because you can’t see your skin problems doesn’t mean there aren’t any. While some are very lucky to not have facial problems at all, most of us are not blessed with that. Hence, we have to go through a consultation to know what our faces truly need.

3. It paves the way for personalised treatments.

Depending on your skin type and current skin problems, your skincare specialist will be able to identify what treatments will help give you the skin you’ve always wanted.

Trust me – just because people say that getting rid of fine lines is good doesn’t mean that fine line treatments will be recommended for you. In fact, if you have other skin problems, your doctor might want to focus more on that than simply dealing with anti-aging treatments.

At the end of the day, each person has her own set of skin problems. Not all treatments available in the clinic will be best for you, so it’s in your best interest to know which ones that are.

4. It saves you more money.

Isn’t it annoying to realize that you wasted a lot of money on the wrong treatments? When you get a consultation, you won’t have to waste money anymore.

Because you already know what your skin needs, you won’t be easily swayed to avail of treatments that you do not need. That means that you can spend your money elsewhere – like treatments that will help solve your current skin problems.

What to Expect During a Skin Consultation

Skin consultations often start with a series of questions on how your face feels. It can be questions on the times when your face gets pimples, what it feels like in certain areas of the face, etc.

As much as possible, try to remember the answers to these questions. The more truthful and accurate you are, the easier it will be to point you to the right set of skincare treatments.

After you answer the questions, a skincare professional will assess your answers and determine your skin type. After that, he or she will tell you what treatments they offer to help solve the primary skin problems you’re facing.

At this point, I suggest asking a lot of questions. After all, you don’t get to consult with a skincare professional all the time. You don’t have to start your skincare journey on the same day.

It’s better to think about it and ask yourself if you’re willing to go through this skincare journey. This helps you avoid investing a lot of money on treatments that you are unsure of.