Why You Should Consider a Vibration Machine for Your Health Needs

Why You Should Consider a Vibration Machine for Your Health Needs

There is a growing number of Australians who are recognising the importance of staying fit, losing weight, and leading a generally healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, commitments in other aspects of our lives can somehow get in the way towards fulfilling a healthier and fitter body. Thankfully, there are now vibration machines that can help us achieve our fitness goals without really taking too much effort or time on our part. But what are these machines and why should you even bother getting one?

A vibration machine is an exercise platform which is a lot similar to your bathroom weighing scale. You stand on the platform, turn the machine on, and feel the vibrations pulsing through the rest of your body. Depending on the type of vibration machine that you have, you can actually burn calories, tone muscles, improve joint flexibility, and even reduce muscle soreness, if only you know how to use the contraption properly. The idea is based on the principle of whole-body vibrations which stimulate minute muscular contractions that can bring a host of health benefits.

If you’re considering the top vibration machines to buy you will have to consider the type of vibration that the device is offering. I found out that there are two mainstream types of vibrations produced by the movements of its platform. If the movements go in an up-and-down fashion more like a see-saw with a fulcrum at the centre it is known as oscillating vibration. If the movement of the platform is more on a vertical motion like an elevator or lift it is called a lineal type. The oscillating type is perfect for burning calories while the lineal type is ideal for muscle toning and strengthening.

I also found out that there are now two additional movements of vibrations used in more modern vibration machines. These include the 3D and 4D movements which can have greater benefits for the average user since we’re essentially talking about 3 or 4 different planes of motion in a single vibration.

So why should you even give a thought to vibration machines?

Remember what I said about the platform generating full-body vibrations? Well, it’s definitely like exercising except that you can be simply standing on the platform or even conveniently sitting on your couch with your feet firmly planted on the platform. This is the perfect exercise machine for those folks who dread going to the gym or who cannot afford a treadmill or an exercise bike or any other of those expensive exercise equipment that have a version for the home. It’s also ideal for folks like me who live in a rather cramped apartment where every square centimetre of floor space matters.

A quick review of literature told me that vibration machines are actually used in rehabilitation medicine as a means to improve the muscle tone of individuals or patients who are suffering from some kind of muscle disuse syndrome whereby the muscles have somehow lost their tone because of inactivity. At the very least, even if you are partially immobile, if you can get your feet or even your arms or any part of your body onto the platform, then it should be well and good.

Vibration machines are also ideal for those who would like to shed some weight. However, I must recommend mixing it with sensible eating because it really is no use standing on a vibrating platform hoping you’ll lose weight when you’re going to chow down double the calories that you’re going to burn. By the way, I learned that 10 minutes on the vibration machine is like an hour or so of walking or 30 minutes of running. So if you can stay on it for 30 minutes, you’ve run 1.5 hours and burned that much calories in the process.

Should you consider a vibration machine? If you’ve got a really hectic schedule yet would like to reap the many benefits of exercise without doing great effort, then you really have to have such a machine.